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 We are pleased to inform you that our company registerd as Arsha International Pvt.,LTD No 28-1 Aoki,Tsutsumicho, Toyota city, Aichi Prefecture, JAPAN.

1.Used Vehicles
 We specialist dealing with exporting new and used all type of Japanese vehicles including heavy equiments, heavy machineries, motorbike and all electoronic items.

2.Scrap Auto Spare Parts
 We are glad intoroduce you that our used auto spare parts section. We have more than 300 units vehicles for parts in our stock. We have well trained staff for dismentle , CKD compleate cars for containers and loading. "In case repair also" We have big motor pool and big place for dismentle and loading container.

3.Used Accident Cars
 We supply the all latest models almost Japanese vehicles which can repair and used for part too, for cheapest price.

For Cusromers
Our service for customer,
      I: Lodging for stay
      II: Vehicle for transport.
      III: Provide truck for outside purchase for we make our customers           feel best satisfaction.

For Visa
We can provide invitation letters and gurantee letters for visa to enter to Japan.

We are dealing with
Now we are dealing with our customers from Srilanka. Dubai, Lebanon, Syria, Philipine, Guyana, Malaysia and Trinidad & Tobago.
We know and sure your company will be also happy with us. While you are start to dealing with us.

Arsha International Co., Ltd.